Key Information

Key orders are mailed thru my local Post office " Meter mail " with postage cost $3.00 (USA).
American Key Blanks (Curtis, Ilco, etc)
Wilmot Breeden Keys (UNION) Rootes (RM, RL, ST)
WASO and British Leyland Keys
Some key code & number range for my service. I use a Curtus NO 14 hand cutter:
* MRN 01 through MRN 50
* FNR 01 through FRN 25
* FA 501 through FA 625
* FP 626 through FP 750
* FS 876 through FS 955
* FK 876 through FK 955
* FT 101 through FT 225
* NH 2001 through NH 3000
* FR 01 through FR 1080
* EJR 01 through 50
If you do not see your key blank series listed, send me a e-mail with the make and year of your car. Any letters or numbers on your present key blank. My services included cutting keys by code, using American key blanks. Re-key the lock insert for ignition switch, glove box lock, door locks on request. I have lock insert for British car ignition switch with wilmot breeden key matched. Example; Lock insert MRN 50 with wilmot breeden UNION keys stamped with the key code number.
Used lock inserts for British cars; FNR, MRN, FA, FP and FS. If you purchase a new lock insert from the major supply house, you will get a LUCAS key with number stamped on the blank. I do not cut this key to code. I do have the american key blank if extra keys are wanted.
On any inquiry by phone or e-mail suggest you advise me of the make and year of your car. Advise me of the key code number on the face of the ignition switch with your work and home telephone number and best time to call. If keys were misplace and you have the key code number, also suggest your mailing address in the e-mail inquiry if needed ASAP.
Mailing Address
Pete Groh
9957 Frederick Rd.
Ellicott City, MD 21042-3647 / USA