For Sale-Keys,Door Locks, Trunk Locks, & Glove Box Locks 

Here is a selection keys, locks, etc. Also, I have a good selection of auto crest keys for american cars, and the Jaguar wing keys; MG crest keys, and the aftermarket British Leyland "L" swirl keys.

Any inquiry, include a send self address envelop (SASE). If you order make check or money order payable to Pete Groh. I will mail key order overseas. I do have a PayPal account with additional fee paid by the car owner.

Jaguar Wing Keys Jaguar wing key on board. On bottom left side (BR 1618). Wilmot breeden keys on left side, FK series with same size as the Jaguar wing key. Can also be used on the FS series code number range 876-955 $125 Each
Jaguar Wing Keys Sample of Jaguar wing keys, aftermarket automobilie. You could have the key cut to your car code. On the back of the blank, had letters: FNR, FA, FP, or FS. Emaill for pricing.
Wilmot Breeden Root Keys Wilmot breeden keys stamped UNION and different head shapes. The 2nd row are Sunbeam keys, Rootes, L & F or Stebor keys. Come in RM, RL and ST series. The bottom row, Bilfix key, left side with cut along the edge, to Right, NGN keys also be wilmot breeden and stamped with the word UNION on the back Emaill for pricing.
Jaguar Waso Keys Jaguar Waso key bottom, Jaguar logo key, Right side and door key with "L" logo British Leyland blank. $25 Each
FT Keys Jaguar waso un-cut key blanks, 2nd row FT 135 wilmot breeden keys stamped UNION; bottom row FT 224 wilmot breeden different head shape. Note, far right does not say wilmot breeden. $25 Each
British Leyland & Volvo Keys Volvo un-cut key blank, Top, British Leyland "L" swirl keys, un-cut Bottom and un-cut FoMo double sided key with letter FT stamped on the blank. Email for pricing.
Wilmot Breeden Keys Wilmot Breeden Keys - For Morris, Sunbeam,Volvo,Tags Rootes, British Motorcycles, BSA, Norton and Triumph $25 Each
Aston Martin Glove Boxes One lock insert with key code number on the face of the insert for Aston Martin, Austin Healey, Metropolita and Cobra 289. Email for pricing.
Motor Cycle Keys Fork lock for British motorcycles with EJR (union) key. Email for pricing.
Bicycle Keys NGN 4 wilmot breeden key blank stamped UNION in middle. Key is to lock the fork on a bicycle. English key code number was stamped around the lock on the frame. Emaill for pricing.