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We provide original Wilmot Breeden and Rootes keys for both early British cars and motorcycles. Cars list include Austin Healey, Aston Martin, Jaguar, MG, Morris, Mini Coopers, Sunbeam, Triumphs. The AJS, Ariel, BSA, Norton, Royal Enfield, Sunbeam, Triumph and Vincent Motorcycle. Both early Saab and Volvo car. Keys also available for American car and foreign cars: Hurd, GM, aftter market blanks,Curtis, Taylor, etc. Our services cut keys to code plus re-keying lock insert for ignitions, glove box and door locks. Used lock inserts FNR, MRN, FA, FP, FS.

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Wilmot Breeden (UNION) keys were used on early Austin Healey, Jaguar, MG's, Morris, Triumph cars and British motorcycles. The key code number was stamped on the face of the ignition switch. Example; FP 735. On later cars, no key code is stamped on the face of the lock insert. Owner may find a piece of paper with the key code number in the housing of the ignition switch. The original car owner's for later cars also received a metal tag with the key code number.

Truimph Motor Bikes

The door locks, glove box lock, trunk lock will have numbers stamped on the body of the lock (No letters). For example, on my TR 4 the trunk handle steel rod will have ###. You will have to remove the handle to view the three digits number. For the glove box lock, the number is stamped on the lock. For cars after 1967, no key code number is stamped on the glove box housing. I do have a ring of pre-cut keys (FNR, FA, FP, FS & FT) that I can send to car owner. You will have to insert each key into the lock, determine the correct key code number. You will also receive a un-cut key American key blank to have a key duplicated in your area.

The key code number may be listed on the British car build record. You can request it from British Motor Heritage web page. For Jaguar owners see web page to request car information. I would requests the key code number with the inquiry.

On any inquiry by e-mail or phone suggest you have the make and year of your car. Advise me of the key code number on the face of the ignition switch with your work and home telephone number. If you need to talk to me the best time to call is in the evening. Suggest your mailing address in the e-mail inquiry if you need the keys ASAP. I do send order for key overseas with payment thru PayPal account.

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